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About us

The Bells Gardens Tenants and Residents Association is run by volunteers who live on the estate to make Bells Gardens a great place to live. We meet once a month at the Bells Gardens Community Centre to discuss issues, share useful information and plan events and programmes. Our meetings are open to everyone who lives on the Bells Gardens Estate.

Here is what we do:
  • Events and programmes - we organise events throughout the year and regularly apply for funding to support our programmes; we are always looking for new ideas so come along and share yours.
    • Family fun day
    • End of year party
    • Trip to France
    • Black history month
    • Film festival
    • Gardening workshops
    • Stretch and tone class
    • Homework club
  • Estate issues - we help residents resolve issues by working with our Residents Officer, the safer neighbourhood team and other relevant community organisations.
    • Repairs - if you have reported a repair to Southwark Council but it has not been resolved the TRA can help you get it sorted.
    • Environmental issues - Southwark Council's environment team have monthly walkabouts with residents on the estate to identify issues; at our meetings you can bring up ongoing issues and make sure they get the attention they need.
    • Antisocial behaviour - when problems arise, we deal with them by coming together, sharing information and bringing in the relevant authorities; when necessary we invite local police, community wardens or PCSOs to address the residents. 
  • Funding - we have successfully won funding from Southwark Council and other organisations both for events and programmes and for improvements on the estate.
    • Raised garden beds
    • Outdoor gym
The TRA is run by officers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held every October. Anyone who lives on the estate is entitled to stand for election at the meeting. We elect a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. We also elect a number of committee members. From the committee, we appoint delegates to attend other meetings like the Peckham Area Housing Forum, where the TRA's most pressing issues can be discussed in a wider forum with senior members of Southwark Council's Housing Department.

Southwark Council promote and support TRAs across the borough, although each TRA is independent from the council and run by the residents. You can read more about how Southwark Council supports TRAs here.

If you would like to know more about us or get involved, then get in touch!
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